Green Office training

Why a Green Office Training?

Green Offices have the opportunity to work towards a more sustainable university or college and involve staff and students in the topic of sustainability. This has its challenges! The composition of a Green Office often changes, there are more projects than there are hours, and a university/college is a complex organisation. The Green Office training is an interactive tailor-made training that deals with the challenges of your Green Office. This training is inspired by effective altruism.

What's the Green Office training about?

Tailor-made training

Goodrise agrees on the content of the training together with the applicant. For example, the emphasis can be on lobbying in the educational institution itself, or on effective cooperation.


The training addresses the challenges of your Green Office and educational institution. The content is in consultation.

Experienced trainer

The trainer has been part of a Green Office and sustainable higher education himself.


No boring monologue of multiple hours, but heads together to work towards maximum impact.


Goodrise wants to keep the training affordable to every organisation. Prices are in consultation.

As of October 2021, on-site training is possible again. Online training also remains possible. Training can also be given in Dutch.

Soem Zeijlmans

The trainer

Soem Zeijlmans

At Leiden University Green Office, I discovered the potential of a Green Office. By making higher education sustainable, a university/college not only sets a good example, but also inspires its students to work towards a sustainable world.

For this training I combine my practical experience at Leiden University Green Office with organisational knowledge from my studies in Governance, Economics, and Development.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many people and organisations want to give a positive contribution to sustainability. So do Green Offices!

Effective altruism is a new way of looking at these positive contributions. Goodrise helps organisations to make the transition from giving a good contribution to delivering the best contribution. In other words: how big is the difference that we can make with our limited budget and hours?

For that, we'll look together at questions such as:

  1. Which sustainability challenges are most important to tackle?
  2. How much progress can we book on this topic?
  3. How many people are already working on this? (Or: how neglected is this topic?)
  4. To what extent is our Green Office the best organisation to work on this cause?

The training will be adapted to the needs of your Green Office. The training can include lobbying activities, involving students and setting up your own organisation.

I would like to hear your wishes, then we can look at the possibilities without any obligation. Please send an e-mail to

The length is dependent on the needs of the organisation. A typical training will take about four hours, including a break. Of course, this can be split into multiple sessions.

Geen probleem. This training can be taught in either Dutch or English.

Please contact us for the possibilities.

I look forward to discussing the possibilities for your Green Office.

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