Sustainability Consultancy

Sustainability consultancy

Every organisation can contribute to a more sustainable future. Goodrise advises governments, non-profit organisations and companies on their sustainability challenges. Think, for example, of route guidance for a sustainability plan, reducing the ecological footprint of your organisation and mapping available subsidies. We also work with governments on sustainability policy.

Effective sustainability policy


Sustainability policy relates to all aspects of an organisation or government. Think, for example, of:

Circular economy

Reduce, reuse, recycle: what policies do you use to minimise waste streams and emissions?

Energy reduction

Efficient policy to save energy in homes or to reduce CO2 emissions of your company.


Powered by electricity or muscle power: which policy will get you from A to B without CO2?

Green and clean

Policy to achieve clean air and a green environment.

Public and private

For whom?

Local governments have a big task to make their municipalities more sustainable, but sometimes lack the expertise. Goodrise helps to effectively solve environmental challenges. Some examples:

Governments and political parties

With what policy interventions do we achieve our sustainable ambitions?


Make sustainability part of business strategy and reduce own emissions.


How can NGOs make the most of their sustainable ambitions?


Advice to educational institutions on incorporating sustainability into teaching, research and business operations.

Soem Zeijlmans

Sustainability consultant

Soem Zeijlmans

Soem Zeijlmans has a background in Governance, Economics, and Development with a focus on solving sustainability issues. He also has experience with sustainability policy at Leiden University and the municipality of Wassenaar.

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